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Channel Letter Signs:.

Pan Channel displays have become so popular today that many shopping centers actually require these attractive displays on their buildings. Aim Sign has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality Pan Channel Letters at competitive prices. These highly effective displays work best at night, directing traffic into your storefront.

Our Channel Letters are manufactured using aluminum and can be illuminated with neon or LED’s. We have options such as front-lit, reverse("halo"), or open.

Front Lit letters have colored acrylic faces that can also be decorated with translucent vinyl. Neon or LED lighting is housed within a custom-formed aluminum frame, which provides an illuminated face .

Reverse letters are often referred to as "Halo" letters due to the light source being directed toward the back of the letter. This allows light to reflect off the mounting surface and around the letter to create an eye-catching display.

Open letters provide for direct viewing of exposed neon tubing, showcasing a full spectrum of neon colors we have available to choose from.

Channel Letter Detail - w/ LED Illumination:

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