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Monument Signs:.

Nothing works more effectively than a monument sign to help direct passing motorists into your storefront. Using a vast array of materials, Aim Sign can help design a sign program that matches your building architecture, and serves as a beacon for customers.

Visibility Basics:
Choosing a location for your monument sign can be difficult. Factors such as property line, height allowance, clear vision triangle, and letter height must all be taken into consideration. We perform a thorough site survey on every sign installation, so you can be assured that your sign will have maximum impact.

Clear View Triangle:

Illumination Options:
Our design staff will work within your budget to develop a lighting option that will achieve the desired effect. Some of the options available include:

Push-Through allows for an opaque sign face area that can be painted or textured to match the building architecture. At night, the highly visible letters appear to "glow" and add dimension to the sign. This style of sign gets it's name from the individual letters that are routed from thick acrylic, and then "pushed-through" the surface.

Plex-Backed faces are less expensive than push-through, but still allow for high visibility at night. This look is achieved by routing-out the individual letters on an aluminum face, then placing a vinyl-decorated sheet of acrylic or polycarbonate behind it.

Vinyl-Decorated faces are the least expensive option, and are a good choice when the copy area of a sign is likely to be updated. Individual panels can be mounted in a retainer system for easy removal.

Externally Illuminated sign faces receive their light via high-intensity lighting that is typically mounted in a landscaped area that surrounds the sign. This style allows a more dimensional look, without the added cost of internal illumination.

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